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Christoph Hintermüller
Christoph Hintermüller

Christoph Hintermüller was born in 1993 in Unna (Germany). In 2009, Christoph had the opportunity to participate in “Organ offensive”, a unique statewide project designed to give talented young musicians a chance to receive formal organ lessons. In 2010 he transferred to the renowned Archepiscopal Mallinckrodt High School in Dortmund. In October of the same year, he began working towards the C-Exam in Church Music in the Archdiocese of Paderborn. Shortly afterwards, Christoph was appointed certified ecclesiastic musician of St. Clemens.

At his high school, the church musician Klaus Stehling taught music classes. In addition, he conducted the school’s outstanding choir which Christoph accompanied regularly. This cooperation led to organ and choir concerts in Dortmund and the Berlin Cathedral. Further concerts took place in French cathedrals such as Notre Dame Paris and Notre-Dame d´Auteuil in Paris, Saint-Étienne in Meaux, and Notre Dame d’Amiens. Other venues were the cathedral of Palma de Mallorca in Spain, St. Michaelis (Hamburg) and the Cathedral of Lübeck.

His well-rounded musical training prepared him for pursuing a degree in Church Music. He began this in 2013 at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz where he studies with Prof. Daniel Beckmann (organ literature) and Prof. Hans Jürgen Kaiser (organ improvisation). Parallel to his studies he was hired as organist at St. Pankratius in Mainz. Since then he has taken over the musical direction of the church choir of Worms-Herrnsheim, the choir community of Mainz-Bretzenheim, the church choir of St. Markus in Muehlheim am Main and the church choir of the evangelical church in Dexheim. A semester abroad began in September 2016 in Los Angeles (USA) where he is studying with Christoph Bull. For this unique project, he got a scholarship from Rotary International. 

Christoph is interested in American organ music. Although many American composers studied in Germany (Dudley Buck, John Knowles Paine, etc.) this music is unfortunately not well known in Europe.

In August 2018 he started his Master Degree at University of North Texas with Jesse Eschbach. He received also the Assisting Teachingship for organ. Since October 2018 he has been  organist at Northridge Presbyterian Church in Dallas. In the same year he won the AGO Student Commissioning Project in cooperation with the American composer Mark Vaughn. This competition is organized annually by the National Guide of Organists and is intended to promote cooperation between young composers and organists.

Furthermore in 2019 he was scholar of the "Organ Historical Society" and received the coveted "E. Power Biggs Fellowship".

 Next to his university studies, he pursues an active concert schedule that has taken him to England, Austria, France, Spain, Norway, Italy, and Switzerland.

In his free time, he concentrates on learning about psychology, coaching, clinical hypnosis, and show hypnosis. Over 1250 shows and performances regarding hypnosis have taken him to different universities and schools in Germany, England, Austria, Spain, France, Switzerland, Tunisia and the USA.